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Latest Activities

A Report on the Legal Avenues to deal with Human Rights Abuses in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


The topic of the Webinnar Programme was: Post-Transitional Justice of Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina: 25 years after Srebrenica, took place in cooperation with the Inter-University Center for Post-Graduate Studies (IUC) as a continuous Master Class Programme that has been held since 2014. The 2020 Webinar Programme brought together practitioners, academics, politicians, human rights activists, and students of different disciplines from many countries to advance a multidisciplinary approach to international criminal justice through exploration of legal, historical, political, and social methodologies.

Transitional, Post-Transitional and Strategic Narratives about the Yugoslav Wars: from Quest for Justice to Geo-Political Power Games

The topic of the conference covered the current geopolitical developments in the southeast of Europe after the disintegration of Yugoslavia. Recognising that the disintegration of the Yugoslav federation has still not been finalised, the organisers have invited experts – practitioners and academics – to discuss the various aspects of transitional processes that have a potential of influencing geopolitics in the region.

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