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Transitional, Post-Transitional and Strategic Narratives about the Yugoslav Wars: from Quest for Justice to Geo-Political Power Games

The Geoffrey Nice Foundation – along with the Research Centre for Human Rights of the Rochester Institute of Technology and other local partners in Kosovo – organised the three-day conference on the topic:

The topic of the conference covered the current geopolitical developments in the southeast of Europe after the disintegration of Yugoslavia. Recognising that the disintegration of the Yugoslav federation has still not been finalised, the organisers have invited experts – practitioners and academics – to discuss the various aspects of transitional processes that have a potential of influencing geopolitics in the region.

The conference explored the tensions between the societal needs for justice and peace and the political elites’ struggle to achieve security and stability in the region. “How much justice” is enough for a post-conflict society to move on? Prominent speakers, such as Dr. Nevenka Tromp, Sir Geoffrey Nice, Lord Iain Bonomy and Ben Emmerson, who worked in on the international criminal cases dealing with the crimes committed in Kosovo in the 1990s; gave their assessment of what justice we can expect from criminal justice. The other experts dealt with the interplay between justice and politics by examining different strategic motivations of the actors involved in the creation of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC): a court which was created in 2015 and is situated in The Hague. Dr. Robert Muharremi, Prof.dr. Visar Morina and Dr. Gjylieta Mushkolaj assessed the domestic and international legal mandate of the KSC and its mandate to investigate and prosecute the alleged “organ harvesting” and other crimes that took place some 20 years ago in Kosovo. Finally, the speakers such as Sonja Biserko, Daniel Serwer, Gëzim Visoka and Aidan Hehir assessed the geopolitical consequences of the legal, historical, societal and political narratives that often complement and contradict each other; depending on which strategic goal they serve.

The event took place between 22nd and 24th November, 2019 at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo (address: Dr. Shpetim Robaj n.n. 1000 Prishtina, Kosovo)

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